The Best & The Brightest Storm City Hall. (Now With YUMMY Small Children)

I only had my cell phone but you get the idea:

I TOLD you conservatives think “terrorist” is plural.

My other favorite wacky sign:

Please don't eat the children! #teaparty #tebagging #topprog ... on Twitpic

I always try to help those less fortunate. AND PLEASE, do NOT eat the children!!


How Many Licks? (Does It Take To Beat A Conservative Fake Radio Show?)

You may have read my earlier post about our radio edition being the number one rated show on BTR in the politics progressive category. But what does that really mean?

As of this writing, the Theresa Pfarr/DJ Minty Fresh interview show has received 418 “listens” and had 47 live “listeners.” Not bad, but consider what these numbers actually mean:

1) Everything Counts (In Large Amounts):
With apologies to Depeche Mode, it’s true! EVERY time anyone on the internet activates a replay of my show, it counts! Even if you shut off the player on my MySpace page after just hearing the beginning, it counts as a “listen.” This allows BTR to sell advertising based on an “audience” that is far larger than how many people actually listen to BTR shows. The few of us who are unscrupulous and want to autorefresh our pages can jack them up the ratings with no consequences. BTR encourages the use of autoplay players proliferated through blogs to give the appearance of far more traffic to their site. Technically it IS traffic; albeit a 2-second blip of traffic. And now, a rare disclaimer: the original version of this blog is on MySpace, not BTR… so if you bastids are reading this, well, you can’t shut my show down like you did before. It’s just the truth. A more honest model (counting listens at 5 minutes or longer) would DRASTICALLY reduce your “traffic” and your short-term promises (notice the turnover?) to advertisers. Your secret is safe with me; ‘cept when I’m gonna frigging write about it.

2) ALL The Shows We Beat Have LESS “Traffic.” This may seem rather obvious, but often people will only look in their own category (progressive or conservative politics), without considering the “politics” category, which rates all shows regardless of leaning. I found it fun to list on my last program the CONSERVATIVE shows we beat, but let’s up the ante: we’ll use a generous (and conservative) model here. Let’s say the REAL number of listens the last show had is roughly HALF the reported number (see point 1), rounded up a bit for the sake of argument. We’ll call the “real” number 250 listens. That’s not bad for, say, a blog, but in terms of radio its about the same as nothing… and don’t forget it is most likely VERY generous (I’d cut that in half again). Considering that, let’s list the conservative shows we beat (in order of “popularity”) for a little reality check on their “listeners.” I’ll take it a step further by providing a speculative breakdown of numbers LESS than 250 for each one:

Solid Conservative Shows:
1) (230) The Rick Moran Show
2) (210) The Willie Lawson Show
3) (200) Black Conservative Show

Shaky Conservative Shows
4) (180) Media Lizzy’s AOL Hot Seat
5) (160) JPA Radio
6) (140) Patriot Action
7) (120) The Media Lizzy Show
8) (100) Grizzly Groundswell
9) (80) The Joel Gaines Show
10) (60) The Key To Victory Show (Cao)

Impressed? I’m not, LOL… but it gives you a little window into what constitutes a “popular” show in fake radio. You may remember Media Lizzy as the person who successfully shut our show down cuz I dared to write a blog criticizing her self-published tome “Sex Lies & Politricks” (available on Amazon), and made the mistake of publishing it on BTR. Again, no such mistake is being made HERE. So to YOU Miss Lizzy and your less than 200 listeners: HA HA HA HA HA HA AHH HA HA HA. We beat you! We are still here, and now we are kicking your republican ass!

Want to help us beat these sorry-ass conservatives? Remember to SHARE the show: blog about it, use the “share” tools in the player above, subscribe in iTunes (link below)… listen, live, love and PAY IT FORWARD, lol. We’ll continue to rock the politics and be a thorn in management’s side. And if i just “blew up YOUR spot,” DO BETTER!

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Kick some conservo ASS today!!