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Lefties Ride Harder Too, Mitch.

This is the usual way I ride my (mountain) bike to the woods in NJ! It’s 12 miles each way, not including the detours into Central Park and the off-road stuff in The Palisades (I go half and half, there’s a paved road through Palisades Park). After you cross the George Washington bridge from Harlem, you are literally IN THE WOODS. I love this damn city!! I’ll be doing this again on Saturday, most likely.

NOTE: You need to click on the minus sign to see full route.


Latest DJ Reasons Video!!!

The Best & The Brightest Storm City Hall. (Now With YUMMY Small Children)

I only had my cell phone but you get the idea:

I TOLD you conservatives think “terrorist” is plural.

My other favorite wacky sign:

Please don't eat the children! #teaparty #tebagging #topprog ... on Twitpic

I always try to help those less fortunate. AND PLEASE, do NOT eat the children!!